Q: Who can purchase Homepacks?

Homepacks are only available to General Contrators,
NO large production/ tract builders or private individuals.

Q: Can we view plans before purchasing?

With our Foundation & Framing packs you get access to view all plans, allowing you to pick youe favorite packs that'll best suit your business. With individual Homepacks, (5x designs), viewing all plans is not included.

Q: Can we mix and match plans?

Mix and matching between packs is not something we do.

Q: Are these contruction drawings?

No, all our house designs and plans are concept plans only.

Our concept plans are designed to:
1. Boost your new-build enquires, along with our professional imagery that are proven to sell new-builds.
2. Remove friction from new-build enquiry design decisions by providing a clear starting point.
3. Create your own spec homes with ease.
4. Turn your website into a professional, high preforming new-build, lead generator.
4. Create excitment with clients in your genral contractor business.

Q: Do you offer contrustion drawings?

Our core focus is concept plans, not construction drawings. We do however, provide both ArchiCAD and .dwg files so your local architect/ designer can simply edit and complete your construction drawings.

Q: What more do I need to bring these concepts up to construction drawings?

Construction Details, X-Sections, Plumbing, Roof Structure plan, Specifications & Engineering (if needed).

For construction drawings, just share your provided ArchiCAD file with any architect you work with.
This file allows any draftsperson to open the full design in ArchiCAD (one of the most popular used - and best residential drafting software available). Your architect/ designer can simply open the file, edit the plan however you wish and continue with the construction drawings.

Any custom plan changes can be made easily from the provided ArchiCAD files including roof-pitch changes, moving walls, window sizes, cladding, etc. All with just a few mouse clicks!

Universal drafting .dwg files are also provided so our designs can be opened in all other drafting software, such as AutoCAD, Chief Architect, Revit and more.

Q: Can custom plan changes be made?

Yes, absolutely! Custom changes are to be expected. Lots of new-build clients love making each design theirs, that's why you have the ability to use any architect/ designer make custom edits with the ArchiCAD files we supply with every Homepacks house plan. Some builders even make custom changes themselves! (just ask us and we'll show you how!)

Q: Are your house designs and plans designed within Homepacks?

Yes, all plans & professional imagery is created right here at Homepacks.

Q: Do we get physical copies of plans and brochures?

Not physical, all files are supplied in digital format. This allows you to create as many physical copies as you wish. It also allows you to easily email designs our upload online!

Q: Are your concept plans available to large, franchise builders?

No, All our plans and professional imagery are only available for purchase by Genral Contractors.

Q: Can I on-sell or transfer the plans I purchase?

Homepacks retains the copyright to all house plans and artist impressions, therefore plans cannot be on-sold or transferred to any person or entity without written consent.

Q: Do you have the cost to build each home?

No, pre-pricing is not something we include...As you're probably aware, there are so many variables that go into pricing, (eg. location, site conditions, material prices & finishes). Since these variables also change between each build and most people want to make their own plan changes, we recommend creating yourself a baseline spec-sheet so you can easily give estimates as a "starting from" price. (Just ask and we'll walk you through how to do this).

Any questions you still have unanswered, just ask via our online chat, email or give us a call: (619) 505-3339

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